10 Incredible Benefits Of Carrots You Must Know

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Benefits of Carrots for Health
1. Rich in vitamins & minerals
The benefits of carrots for health have been widely trusted. This vegetable is known as a very high source of vitamin A. The content of vitamin A in carrots is 12000 Sl.

Carrots also have many other substances in them, including calories, fat, charcoal hydrate, calcium, phosphorus, beta carotene, iron, vitamin B1 and vitamin C. Knowing the important substances that are abundant in carrots, of course you are increasingly convinced that carrots have the benefits of carrots for health.

2. Preventing myopic and improving vision
One of the benefits of carrots for health is certainly known by many people. Carrots are touted as vegetables that are good for the eyes. The content of carotene and vitamin A can help prevent the occurrence of night blindness and improve weak vision.
So, if someone has decreased vision, it’s better to consume carrots more often. If you really don’t like to eat carrots intact, you can grate them and consume their feeling water, or you can also consume carrots in the form of juice. Very healthy right?

3. Make the skin glow
The benefits of carrots for health apparently not only for the eyes. A study in the field of health again revealed the efficacy of other carrots. Who would have thought that carrots could make someone look more attractive and look healthy, as quoted from the Times of India.

The study shows that women and men whose skin has yellow light are considered more attractive and healthy. The yellow light arises from the yellow pigment commonly called carotenoids.

Carotenoids have a function to brighten the skin and give a hue to the face. Carotenoids can be found in vegetables and fruits such as carrots and plums.

4. Sharpen memory
Do you often have difficulty remembering something important? If it’s true, then it’s time if you eat carrots. The benefits of carrots can help to sharpen your memory, because these vegetables are rich in vitamin B. If you consume carrots regularly, your memory will be more brilliant and of course it will make you easier to do or learn many things.

5. Carrots are rich in antioxidants
Life today makes many people exposed to pollution every day. Not to mention the consumption of unhealthy foods can make a person more difficult to avoid free radicals.

So that free radicals can be resisted so as not to have a detrimental effect on the body, it is very important to eat foods that are rich in antioxidants such as carrots. The benefits of carrots for the 5th health in the long term can make the body stay healthy and avoid dangerous diseases such as cancer.

6. Strengthens the fetus
Efficacy of carrots is not only good for the eyes, it turns out that vitamin A which is contained in many carrots can also help strengthen the fetus. Therefore, pregnant women are strongly advised to consume carrots regularly so that their contents remain strong.

7. Improve endurance after illness
The efficacy of carrots can further improve endurance. High content of vitamin C in carrots can improve endurance after illness. So, if you have just experienced a flu-like illness or infection, don’t forget to eat carrots so that healing is faster and you can return to your normal activities.

8. Strengthens bones and teeth
The benefits of carrots for the next health are strengthening bones and teeth. Carrots have high levels of vitamin K so that one vegetable can help strengthen bones and teeth. Carrots are also very good for routine consumption by seniors to avoid osteoporosis.

9. Making sperm quality better
Not only that, the efficacy of carrots for health also has a big influence on reproductive function. High levels of vitamin A in carrots can actually make sperm quality better, so carrots have great benefits for those of you who are craving to have offspring.

10. Prevent heart disease
Do you want a healthy and strong heart? Eat carrots regularly every day. Apparently, antioxidants in carrots are not only important to counteract free radicals, but also provide positive benefits for heart health.

According to researcher Ian Stephen, consuming carrots for just two months can provide significant results. This can encourage people who don’t like to eat vegetables to be more willing to consume them. With the results of this study, it’s no longer an excuse for you not to put carrots into your food menu every day.

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