Benefits of Corn Cooking Water

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Corn or maize is one of the foods that are often consumed directly with boiled, baked, or processed as ingredients for cakes, or combined with other vegetables to be consumed as a vegetable eaten with rice / bread. And now instead of corn is also used for a snack, or other types of snacks. Corn as food is already widely used, but the corn cooking water can be used to treat various diseases, is probably the thing that has not been widely known

Corn are boiled usually only corn that is consumed, and the water is removed, but with the information below, then you should start now to use of the corn cooking water , especially for those who suffer from diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, bed-wetting in children, kidney stones and gallstones , and for more details is as follows

Corn cooking water to cure diabetes
Take the remaining corn stalks and then boiled until the water is boiling and then cooled, and the corn cooking water taken regularly 2 or 3 times per week, and if you drink it diligently and regularly, you’ll Diabetes disease gradually recovered

Benefits of corn cooking water for treating high blood pressure disease
– Take 5 to 7 young corn cob, then add 1 handful of corn hair, then entered the water as much as approximately 110 ml to boil. After boiling, then the corn cooking water is cooled, you can drink the water , do this for 7 days in a row then your blood pressure will go down.


To stop bed-wetting habits in children
You do this by taking 1 handful of corn hair washed until clean, then brewed with enough hot water in the cup, and drink before sleep at the night. Do not go overboard in the use of corn silk because it can lower blood pressure in a relatively short time

Benefit of corn cooking water to cure for patients with kidney stones
You do this by mixing together four pieces of corn cob with 1 handful of corn silk, plus 8 Kecibeling (Strobilanthes crispus) leaves fresh, put all the ingredients in one place and boil with 110 ml water, after boiling the corn cooking water is filtered and cooled and taken every day until the kidney stone out of the body usually come out in the form of foam, gravel or granules.

Benefits of corn cooking water to cure gallstones
You do this by entering the 5 pieces together young corn cob plus 5 grams of fresh herbs orthosiphon aristatus with boiled water as much as 110 ml. after boiling the corn cooking water is cooled and filtered, and drink every day. Do this for two weeks, and you will see the results.

There are many ways to recover from various diseases and one of them by using natural materials such as corn cooking water. And for those of you who have various diseases as above, then try natural treatments you can do, but do not forget, accompanied by the power of prayer, because only with effort and the help of God can heal the disease that we suffer.

benefits of corn cooking water
corn cooking water

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