Benefits of Palmyra Fruit

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The name of the palm fruit is certainly no stranger to your ears, right? Often we find traders who specifically sell this fruit in the form of fresh drinks. Well, if you are a fan of palm fruit, fortunately, this palm fruit contains a lot of benefits for the health of the body. So, what are the benefits of the palm fruit? Check out the information below.

Lontar and Nutritional Content
Palm fruit (Borassus flabeliffer) is a fruit that belongs to the palm group. The fruit which has another name “siwalan” is widely grown in the tropics, and the South Asian region and Southeast Asia are the main habitat of the palm tree. In Indonesia alone, palm trees can be found in a number of areas ranging from Java, Bali, Sulawesi, to Nusa Tenggara.

Lontar or siwalan, which is apparently similar to kolang-kaling, is a fruit that contains a myriad of health benefits. The benefits of palm fruit for it can not be separated from the content of a number of nutrients and vitamins, such as:

Vitamins A, B, and C
You can imagine what benefits you can get by eating palm fruit regularly, right?

Benefits of Palm Fruit for Unexpected Health
In addition to refreshing (especially if used as a drink), palm fruit contains many benefits related to body health. The following is a list of the benefits of palm fruit for health that you need to know.

1. Caring for the Digestive System
As a fruit containing fiber, it’s no wonder the benefits of palm fruit are to treat the health of the digestive system, also overcome a number of problems in the digestive system such as constipation and diarrhea.

As we already know, fiber is a substance that has the main function to facilitate the digestive system. Peptin fiber for example. This fiber – along with good bacteria in the intestine – is responsible for forming short chain fatty acids, which these fatty acids will regenerate cells in the intestine.

Various problems in the digestive system are generally caused more by a lack of fiber intake in the body, so make sure the fiber intake into the body is still fulfilled, one of them is by consuming this palm fruit.

2. Prevent Dehydration
The high water content in palm fruit, which reaches 90 percent, results in the benefits of palm fruit to prevent the body from getting short of fluids or dehydration.

For overall body function to run optimally, the body needs adequate fluid intake. By consuming palm fruit regularly, lost body fluids will always be replaced so that the body is free from dehydration, which of course will be very disturbing.

3. Caring for the function of the liver and kidneys
In addition to preventing dehydration, the high water content in palm leaves or siwalan makes this one fruit also effective in treating liver and kidney function, and prevents both of them from various diseases.

The liver and kidneys are 2 (two) vital organs that need to be taken care of. The reason is, these two organs play a role in the process of processing and disposing of body waste or poisons as a result of food consumed. Now, the mineral content of phosphorus in palm fruit is then the task to optimize the process of disposal (excretion).

4. Maintain Skin Health
Want your skin to be well-maintained and free of a number of skin problems such as zits or symptoms of premature aging? Then one of the easy and inexpensive solutions to achieving this goal is by eating palm fruit.

The benefits of palm fruit to maintain healthy skin are produced by the content of vitamin C in it, which is where vitamin C has antioxidant properties to protect skin cells from damage triggered by attacks of free radicals.

5. Treating Diabetes
For those of you who have blood sugar or diabetes, eating palm fruit is recommended. Because the palm fruit contains low amounts of glycemia so that it can help the body to control blood sugar levels.

Not only the fruit, the root of the palm tree when extracted also produces the same benefits of palm fruit, which helps to keep blood sugar levels under control.

6. Increase fertility
You men, are you currently planning to have a baby? If so, then be diligent in consuming palm fruit so your wife gets pregnant quickly. The benefits of palm fruit for men are believed to increase both the quality and quantity of sperm.

Indeed, no studies have specifically examined the benefits of palm fruit for male fertility. However, there is nothing wrong if you also put palm fruit into a healthy menu everyday during the pregnancy program. Of course it must be balanced with the consumption of other nutritious foods too, huh.

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