Six Simple Weight Loss Tip

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Losing weight can be a trying process for many people. Unfortunately, there is no overnight weight loss pill. If you want or need to drop pounds, it does take a little effort and consistency. For some people, weight loss is a moderately tough process and for others it can be fairly easy. Each person is different and each person’s body reacts differently to the process of losing weight. Weight loss strategies vary vastly based on the diet or health professional you are consulting with. It’s important to focus on a healthy lifestyle, not just weight loss. Your goals can be achieved at any fitness level, any lifestyle and for any person whether very active or lightly active. It’s a matter of determining your lifestyle and approaching weight loss realistically. While there is no easy way to lose weight, these six simple weight loss tips can help you achieve your goal.

1. Eat 250 – 500 fewer calories per day. Develop a habit of counting, or at least keeping track of, calories to help your weight loss efforts. If you eat 250 – 500 fewer calories each day, you will take in up to 3500 fewer calories each week. Since one pound is equivalent to 3500 calories, you can easily lose one pound a week. If you normally consume 2500 calories a day, drop your consumption to 2000 calories. It’s important to decrease your calorie deficit by a reasonable amount – don’t try starving yourself as this can backfire BIG TIME! Try calculating your basal metabolic rate so you have an accurate idea of how many calories you should be taking in daily.

2. Schedule exercise. You don’t have to hit the gym for two and three hours each day to lose weight, but it does help to squeeze in 30 minutes of physical activity each day. If you are someone who is time starved, start scheduling fitness in just as you would a meeting or activity that you regularly participate in.

3. Watch your food intake. Rather than adopt a fad diet, simply change the way you eat. Eat four to six small meals throughout the day to keep your metabolism active. Avoid fatty foods, eat carbohydrates in moderation, and eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. Avoid processed foods to lower your sodium intake. Too much sodium can trigger water weight and slow your weight loss efforts.

4. Hydrate. Make sure you’re getting enough water on a daily basis. Water can help your metabolism run efficiently as well as allow your body to dispose of unwanted water weight. Try drinking 8 – 10 glasses of water daily. A good indicator that you are fully hydrated is your urine. Urine should be clear to lightly colored but never a concentrated color. CAUTION: Make sure you drink water consistently throughout the day. Do not drink all of your water at once!

5. Journal Your Way to Your Goal. Yes, you need to write it down! Journaling can really help you through the process of losing weight. Tracking what you eat, how much you exercise, how much water you are drinking and how you feel each day can provide a lot of information as to why your progress is going great or not quite as you thought it would. Journaling provides you with a way to be truly honest with yourself on a day to day basis.

6. De-Stress. Adopt some type of de-stress regimen. Stress not only can inhibit your weight loss but it can make you gain weight! Try a yoga class a few times a week, simple daily meditations, massage or any type of mind/body class to help your body let go of physical and mental stress.
These simple steps can help get you going in the right direction in terms of losing weight. Remember, weight gain doesn’t occur overnight so don’t expect overnight weight loss results. With a little determination and consistency, you’ll reach your weight loss goals in no time!

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