The Health Benefits of Mustard

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Food and beverages consumed by a human being will certainly have an impact both positive and negative depending on the type of food, how much is consumed, and the health conditions that the body has. Paying attention to each type of food consumed is one part of how to maintain the health condition of the body. As a tropical country, the region of Indonesia is known as one of the countries that has a wide variety of flora and fauna including those that can be used as food ingredients with various forms of positive properties for health.

In connection with herbs that can provide health benefits, in this article we will explain about one type of plant that may be easily found but not yet widely known its positive impact on health, namely mustard soil. Judging from its name, mustard is not the same vegetable as mustard, but only resembles it. Some of the benefits that can be exploited from mustard greens include the following.

1. Helps overcome cough with phlegm
The mustard plant according to the information on wikipedia is an annual herb with upright trunk that reaches 55 cm and is still related to the watercress plant precisely originating from the same genus. Mustard soil has a variety of names in the area such as weak mustard, mustard taneuh, jukut sakti, rom taroman, tempuyung, kamandilan, and maru-maru. One of the benefits of mustard soil is that it helps in coughing up conditions, especially those with phlegm. The positive impact of mustard soil is equivalent to the benefits of kencur for coughing.

2. Overcoming flu symptoms
The active ingredient contained in mustard soil such as flavonoids, alkaloids, saponins, polyphenols, and some chemical compounds rorifone, rorifamide, 6 crystalline, and decyanated derivatives. The ingredients of the active ingredients found in the mustard soil make it a type of traditional herbal medicine that has not been widely understood by the community. One of the benefits of mustard soil which is quite understood is that it helps in overcoming influenza or flu as a health problem which is certainly experienced by many people in a wide age range, both men and adults.

3. Traditional medicine for tuberculosis
TB or tubercullosis is one of the most serious diseases that occur in the community. TB is a type of infectious disease caused by an infection of the bacterium Mycrobacterium tuberculosis. As a contagious and dangerous disease, tuberculosis can be overcome by treatment and consumption of long-term drugs until the bacteria that causes it can be overcome. In addition to medical treatment, other traditional medicines that are also used to support the healing process are mustard greens. To deal with tuberculosis naturally, mustard soil can be combined with the benefits of carrots for tuberculosis.

4. Overcoming problems with the skin
Apart from being related to organs in the body, the benefits of other mustard plants are helpful in overcoming various kinds of problems that can occur on the skin. Some forms of problems that can be helped by using mustard soil include boils, bruises, wounds, and snake bites. How to use mustard soil in helping to overcome problems in the skin is to make it bobok above the wound to be treated as the use of the benefits of gambas leaves.

5. Helps overcome measles and heat in children
Heat or fever is a form of symptoms that occur in the body due to certain types of diseases. The heat or fever is a form of health problems that many children experience. One other benefit of the mustard soil is that it helps reduce body heat caused by the body’s reaction in response to conditions that affect health. In addition to heat, mustard soil is also known as one of the traditional medicines for treating measles. How to deal with measles and heat with mustard greens is quite simple, namely by consuming juice from ground-grown mustard which is finely grown.

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